Report design & production

Clear layouts that allow for easy navigation and comprehension.

Accurate and appealing infographics visualising complex statistics.

Designs that engage.

Compliance with brand guidelines.

Editorial services

Edit content from stakeholders to ensure consistency of language and tone of voice.

Work with complex information and deliver that to the audience in the right way.

Create original content, heavy edit of supplied content and accurate proof reading.

Smooth management of the production process.

Marketing communications

Define key messages for the target audience.

Define the right visual cues and tone of voice both on- and off-line.

Manage the creative process from concepts through to print buying and fulfilment.

Results-focused solutions.

Featured International Projects

Recent Blog Posts

The language of colour: a lesson in getting it right

Mar 27, 2017

Colour tells us so much about a brand. Consider this revamp of Oxfam’s signage. I’ve been walking past it on the opposite side of the street for a while now and wondered what the yellow wording says. Can you tell without squinting?

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Why should apostrophes matter?

Apr 7, 2016

There are plenty of grammatical conventions that are up for debate. Capital letters is a big one; just recently the Associated Press announced they were moving to the lower case ‘internet’ rather than the more reverential ‘Internet’.

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How to write a great design brief that gets results

Apr 7, 2016

We all know that designers can do amazing, creative things. But for those amazing, creative things to have a real and measurable impact, designers need information, and lots of it. Here’s where a great design brief comes in.

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Action vs reaction: copywriter or editor?

Mar 30, 2016

So, you need to produce a marketing publication. Maybe you’ve got some great ideas about the content you need to include. Maybe you’ve just got a concept and are hoping the rest will come to you. What should you do?

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