Best and Last

We wanted to tell you a little bit more about the people that are Solcroft – what they like and what they do when they’re not working for you. Here’s the first in our occasional series of ‘Best and Last’ – with Creative Services Manager, Tamsin Corbett.

Following a Communications and Sociology degree, Tamsin’s 16 years in publishing began by writing holiday brochures for Thomson Holidays (where she first met Stacey, Solcroft’s Creative Director). Romantic prose about whispering palms and sunkissed shores was exchanged for spreadsheets and schedules as she moved into account management, and after eight years at Thomson she went to work for VisitBritain. There, among other things, she managed an extensive programme of large-volume, multi-language marketing publications with many international and public sector stakeholders – which provided excellent training in diplomacy. A few years of editorial freelancing later and here we are.

Best word? Ubiquitous. It seems to be everywhere.

Best website? Gaping Void – wise words and pictures that all started life on the back of business cards.

Best app? Flipboard. Social, simple and smartly designed. Music instead of noise.

Best invention? Sky+. With the exception of sport, does anyone watch live TV anymore?


Last book? ‘Shotokan Karate: Its History and Evolution by Randall G. Hassell. An unlikely purchase, perhaps – but I’m in the process of producing my karate grading portfolio and that makes this book essential reading.

Last holiday? Thassos, in Greece. A beautiful island reached by ferry and overlooked by many – even in the height of the school holidays. Perfect.

Last Saturday night out? L’Olivo in Hertfordshire. Big city excitement in what was a small country pub – all built on brilliant food.

Last Saturday night in? Homeland Season 1 on Blu-ray to set me up for the second series… and X Factor on Sky+ as my guilty pleasure.