Global Fertiliser Day

We were thrilled to help launch the first ever Global Fertilizer Day on 13 October 2016, which brought together agricultural professionals from all over Europe to celebrate fertilizer as the most important invention of our time.

We researched and developed the key brand values to create a striking logo and brand identity that would help this initiative to make an impact. We then implemented this across a range of print and online activities, including a bespoke website and animation.

Bespoke website

We created and delivered a fully integrated and branded website promoting the event, which offered downloadable resources and links to encourage industry engagement.


We developed the brand identity to deliver a colourful animation that brought our client’s messages to life by illustrating the essential role that fertilizer must play in sustaining our growing population.

Printed materials

We created design and editorial concepts that perfectly delivered the brand messages. Liaising with our client team in Brussels, we designed and wrote all marketing communications, including logos, press advertorials and factsheets.

Launch event

With delegates from across Europe attending the launch, it was vital to deliver a fully branded event that would focus their attention. We created branded launch materials including press releases, pull-up banners and a comprehensive event agenda to highlight this campaign.