I shop at Solcroft because…

One week on and the fall-out from Waitrose’s latest marketing campaign continues to rumble on. Is this an example of a long-established brand experimenting with a newish toy in public and badly damaging its reputation in the process? Or did they know what they were letting themselves in for all along?

Well, as with most communication campaigns, it all depends on the objective they set out with. That’s why at Solcroft, we always take the time to make sure the brief is crystal clear to both us and our client – so we share the same vision of what success looks like.

Having a tight brief is critically important – especially with social media campaigns. As the Waitrose example shows, your content is live in an instant, and instantly there for all to see.

The immediacy and accessibility of social media leads some companies to think that anyone can do it. Especially Twitter. After all, 140 characters?  How hard can that be?

Well, our clients are smart enough to know that it’s still a job for a professional writer. In the wrong hands, you can do a lot of damage in 140 characters. You can write things that have a double meaning. Messages that devalue a brand in an instant. Or end up saying something different to what you actually mean – with all the unintended consequences that can bring.

We write all this with experience under our belt. For example, with WaterWipes, we supported their social media strategy over a sustained period of time. Their objective was to grow their presence, together with a specific target for genuine Facebook ‘likes’.  So it was a case of little and often, rather than Waitrose’s big bang approach. We’re proud of the campaign’s outcomes, and we achieved their targets in our usual way: keep to the brief, stick to the message, and do it in a smart and efficient manner.