Brand analysis

How well do you communicate?

Would you benefit from an external eye to assess how your customers experience your brand, and their journey through your services? As brands develop over time, it’s very easy for the customer journey to become disjointed and the messages to get lost. We can help to clarify your communications.

1. Free insight

Solcroft offers a free, no-obligation review of your marketing communications that will help you understand how your audience perceives your business within the marketplace.

To receive this invaluable insight at no cost your business, contact us now.

We’ll chart your customers’ passage through your website or marketing materials to show you what is and isn’t working. Our expert team will assess your visual impact and the language you’re using, share best practice, and show how you fare against your competitors.

2. Full brand review

Our full brand review goes even further to give you all the information you need to define your communication issues, initiate internal conversations and create an action plan for improvement.

Your website

Your site is a vital part of your customer journey, perhaps even the first point of contact that a person has with your brand. If they don’t connect with your content, or if you don’t meet their emotional needs, it’s more than likely they will seek answers elsewhere.

Using detailed statistics and thorough analysis, we’ll provide a complete evidence-based report that will tell you how your website is performing and how your visitors are engaging with it. We use this data to inform our creative review which shows how the design and content of your site can be improved to boost performance.

We’ll show you where your customers are dropping off your site, and where you could focus your improvements to increase engagement and sales.

You’ll receive a breakdown of your visitors and their patterns that gives you much more than Google Analytics:

  • See details of companies that visit your website, including what they looked at page by page, and what brought them to your website.

  • Link enquiries back to their marketing sources and see how your website flow contributed towards the enquiry.

  • Find out how to measure your return from Google Adwords, outbound sales calls, social posts, blogs, online directories advertising, and more.

  • Track more than opens and clicks on your email campaigns – discover how each person actually navigated through your website after the click.

  • Track how visitors navigate through your website from a specific landing page.

Your marketing collateral

You’ll benefit from a full creative review that considers your brand impact and consistency, plus how to make that even stronger, covering:

  • Page layout and design

  • Copywriting and content

  • Photography and illustrations

  • Printing and finishing options

Your take away

The review will give you a practical action plan that recommends changes you can make yourself, as well as developments that we can help you with. We’ll equip you with all the information you need to initiate internal conversations and create a targeted plan for improved engagement and sales.

The review gives you a practical action plan that recommends changes you can make yourself, as well as developments that we can help you with.

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Graphic Design

Our graphic design solutions are effective because they communicate with clarity and simplicity. Each project begins with taking the time to really understand our clients’ needs and priorities.

Our branding solutions follow a process that is informed by our experience of evolving branding for international organisations and campaigns. Always, we look to create impact through clarity and simplicity.


  • Branding

  • Infographics

  • Layout

  • Brochures

  • Flyers and leaflets

  • Postcards

  • Reports and white papers


  • Practical graphic design

  • Attractive infographic design

  • Bespoke Microsoft Office templates

  • Layouts for reports and white papers

Copywriting services

We can edit your supplied text into clear and compelling content, or we can research and write original text from your copywriting brief.

Our diverse range of clients means we’ve written about an equally diverse range of subjects, but we always create precisely the tone of voice you’re looking for.


  • Advertorials

  • Blog posts

  • Website copy

  • Reports and white papers

  • Content marketing


  • Edit specialised information into clear, accessible marketing copy

  • Edit reports on specialist subjects to understandable for a non-specialist audience

  • Proofreading for style and sense

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling checks

  • References and terminology checks

  • Bespoke editorial style guides

  • Translation services, using native speakers who are experts in their chosen fields

Digital design and content

With our web designers, content writers and developers working closely together, we are able to ensure that our digital solutions not only look good but also function correctly from the outset of a project.

Our aim is to always to create the best digital solutions for achieving our clients’ goals.


  • Digital content

  • Websites


  • Responsive website design and build

  • SEO

  • Engaging digital marketing content

  • Refine user experience and journey

  • Set up new paid advertising channels

Data design

Many of our clients need to communicate complex subject matters to non-specialist audiences whether that’s the general public or other stakeholders. Working with a client’s data, we determine the most effective way to communicate.

Often, the solution is a clear and simple infographic. Other times, an animation or presentation is the best way to tell their story. In all cases, we do our research to gain insight into the sector and audience.


  • Charts

  • Tables

  • Graphs

  • Animation

  • Infographics


  • Clear and engaging visualisations

  • Impactful infographics

  • Compelling animations

Project management

With many years’ experience in project managing high-volume and high-profile campaigns, we know how to juggle the different elements of the production process.

You decide how much involved you want to be at each stage of the process, and we have the knowledge and experience to handle the rest.


  • Branding

  • Infographics

  • Layout

  • Brochures

  • Flyers and leaflets

  • Postcards

  • Reports and white papers


  • Tightly controlled trafficking process

  • Fully documented sign-off process

  • Delivery and distribution

  • Media buying

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