Solcroft’s new website goes live!

We’ve built a new place for us to call home, and we couldn’t have been happier to move in. And now it’s open to you all to come in and have a look around.

What will you find? Hopefully, a site that gives you an idea of what we’re like as an agency. You’ll immediately see that we avoid over-complicating design and copy. So in the same way, the site is designed to be simple, straight-talking and easy to work with. The great Jonathan Ive said in a recent interview that simplicity isn’t simple and we couldn’t agree more. Simplicity may be the hallmark of every great design or easy-to-read piece of copy, but it takes a real clarity of purpose and more than a little skill to achieve. Hopefully in its own small way, our website follows in that fine tradition, as well as helping to show how our clients have benefited from this approach.

And now that our new website is here, we’ll use the same focus and determination that we bring to all our projects to make sure it doesn’t become a victim of best intentions that dissipate and then die. We promise to write a blog, not just start one. To keep our portfolio and client information right up to date. And to tweet only the things that have inspired, surprised or delighted us – not what we had for breakfast.

Humans are social creatures, and the internet hasn’t changed that – it’s just given us new ways to keep in touch with each other. And we’d love to hear from you, in any way you like.